DTC Verified Certificates

DTC Verified Certificates are special but we bet you didn't realise just how special they are!

Firstly we don't just print the certificates ourselves. We hired a specialist printers to craft and template them on custom 160 gsm UV dull paper. In fact, our certificates are printed on the exact same paper that Oxford University prints their degrees on. 

It's not just the paper we've given consideration to either. We've used UV ink for an added layer of security. 

Talking of security, our certificates also feature a sophisticated security sealed custom hologram in the iconic 'G' dog. We've also included sequential numbering so that every single certificate we issue can be traced. We've taken these steps to fight certificate fraud so that your achievement never gets undermined by fraudsters. 

We're so proud of our certificates and we hope you feel just as proud when yours lands on your doormat.