Reactivity Specialist Program

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Join expert and DTC Head of Training Leanne McWade as she takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of Canine Reactivity. 

Program Overview

This Reactivity Specialist Program will equip you with the necessary skills to be able to confidently and competently teach your own dog or your clients dogs the power of Reactivity training. 


In order to pass this Specialist Program, you will need to complete all the lessons, tasks and pass the Final Assessment. Upon successful completion, you will be recognised as a DTC Reactivity Specialist and will receive a printed certificate in the post. You will also be able to use a digital Reactivity Specialist digital badge. 


This Specialist Program comprises of 46 lessons, including practical demonstrations and a Final Assessment.

Module One - Foundations

  • Zoom Welcome Call
  • Introduction
  • Taking History
  • Measuring Success
  • Managing Expectations
  • Setting Your Prices
  • Knowing The Law
  • When To Say No
  • Vet Checks
  • Working Online vs In-Person

Module Two - Understanding Reactivity

  • Types of Reactivity
  • Causes of Reactivity
  • Genetics & Reactivity
  • Reactivity & Body Language
  • Reactivity Myths
  • Management VS Treatment

Module Three - Overcoming Reactivity

  • Identifying The Dog’s Threshold
  • Rest
  • Owner Mindset
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Equipment
  • Counter Conditioning & Desensitisation
  • Management

Module Four - Reactivity ToolKit

  • Setups
  • Charging Up The Marker
  • Touch
  • What’s My Name
  • Touch & Go
  • Figure of Eight
  • Find It
  • Engage / Disengage
  • Look At That
  • Confidence Course
  • Object Block
  • Look At Me
  • This Way

Module 5 - Reactivity Case Studies

  • Sian Durrant & Jazz
  • Jon Davison & Alfie
  • Jon Davison & Dominique
  • Simon Moody & Zeke
  • Simon Moody & Pongo
  • Simon Moody & Holly

Module 6 - Getting & Keeping Clients

  • Getting clients
  • Keeping clients

Module 7: Conclusion

  • Conclusion
  • Final Assessment


This Specialist Program as well as other Specialist Programs are all included within our Membership.

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