Become Your Dog’s Superhero!

By taking on the very special yet important role of being a dog owner we take on a duty and a responsibility to our dog’s lives.

It is our duty to provide for them, to guide and teach them whilst ensuring their welfare, emotion & physical needs are being met.

To be their superhero.

How do you become your dog’s superhero?


Give your dog the chance to make choices within their lives.

We control every aspect of our dogs’ lives, like when they eat, sleep, and go to the toilet. When it’s playtime when we want contact or when it’s time to go out for a walk.

By giving our dogs choices it helps keep their lives interesting. Can you imagine the stress and frustration that must be caused by having no say in their life?

Allow your dog to choose whether they want to be touched or left alone and given space. Let them know they won’t be forced into doing things they really do not want to do.

Allow your dog to choose their own walk once a week by letting their nose lead the way.

We are the key to making our dogs lives more enriching and fulfilling.


Dogs are constantly communicating and trying to tell us humans things. They try so hard to get us to listen but often go unheard.

Dogs have even taken it upon themselves to read our body language so they can keep themselves safe by understanding us, yet how many of us have taken the time to learn our dog’s language?

To read their body language, facial expressions, and movements. To learn to understand how they may be feeling.

By learning to read our dog’s body language we can learn when our dogs are uncomfortable or not happy with something.

Your dog will be thankful to you as an owner for taking the time to learn canine body language.


This is so simple yet is so important!

As dog owners, we should never put our dogs in harm, danger or at risk. We should not hurt or cause our dogs pain.

This goes for all owners who are looking for a dog trainer or behaviourist. Do not use a dog professional that will cause your dog pain or hurt them all in the aid of ‘helping them’. There really is no need to cause suffering.

All our Dog Training College’s Instructors follow the same ethos and will never use equipment that can or may cause or inflict any pain or harm to your dog.

Stand up for your dog’s rights, protect them-be their superhero!


Every dog deserves to trust the people closest to them, their superheroes.

Your dog will never truly be happy nor feel safe if you shout, scare, punish or use training methods to hurt your dog.

The bond and trust between you and your dog should be built solidly on kindness and love.


Every dog deserves to feel safe. To feel safe in their environment. To feel safe in situations. To have the space they need to feel safe. To feel safe with their Superhero's.

A dog who does not feel safe lives a life stressing and being in a state of fear. Who wants that for their dog?

For those that rescue their dog, you know this is one of the hardest things to do for some dogs, but not impossible!

With kindness and consistent fair training, this can be accomplished over time.

It is never too late to start being your dog’s SUPERHERO!

If you are looking for a positive dog trainer or behaviourist you can find your nearest DTC Approved Instructor by clicking here.