Dog Training College's
Code of Conduct


Last Updated: July 2021

1.  General

  1.   This Code of Conduct Policy sets out to establish and maintain the minimum standards of conduct with which Members and Employees are required to comply with.

“Members” can include Licensed Instructors, Certified Dog Trainers and Approved Dog Trainers of the Dog Training College (“herein known as the DTC”)

“Employees” includes all staff who are employed by and work directly for DTC.

  1.   Our Code of Conduct Policy outlines our expectations regarding members and employees behavior. Members and Employees shall work ethically with integrity and shall recognise their responsibility to DTC, General Society, clients and their animals.
  2.   We promote freedom of expression and open communication. But we expect all members and employees to follow our community policy. They should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes and disrupting our workplace. We also expect them to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment.
  3.   This policy applies to all our members and employees of DTC

2.  Convention

  1.   We expect all Members and Employees to work with Animals and their Owners with honesty, integrity, transparency and always in the best interest of the animals welfare.
  2.   No equipment or training methods that could cause any harm or injury, whether mental or physical, to the animal should be used or promoted by members or employees of DTC.
  3.   Promotion and provision of proven dog training principles to a high professional standard.
  4.     Members agree to work within their professional limits and should the needs be out of scope of their expertise refer to another suitable relevant professional i.e. Vet, Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist.
  5.   Privacy and confidentiality of any Clients should be maintained by members and employees.
  6.   Members must respect the views of other members and employees and should not publicly defame their opinion or conduct.
  7.     Any information with respect to clients that comes to a members notice as part of their professional relationship with their client must not be discussed or made public in any way, except in the case of law where you may be required to provide such information, or the client has consented for the information to be shared
  8.     Members should not make unrealistic claims to any clients or misrepresent their activities they carry out.
  9.   Members and employees should maintain a professional positive approach to any Animals owned by them.
  10.     Employees and members should conduct themselves in a professional manner so that their profession and DTC are not undermined at any point.
  11.   All employees and members agree to abide by this policy and acknowledge that this policy may be referred to in any complaint or disciplinary discussion. Lack of mention of a particular act or omission from this policy is not to be taken as conclusive of any complaint regarding professional conduct.
  12.   Any assistants employed by members must be made aware of and agree to abide by this guideline.
  13.   All members acknowledge that the terms “Licensed Instructors”, “Certified Dog Trainers” and “Approved Dog Trainers” only endorses the individual and does not endorse the individuals business.
  14.   All members must hold public liability insurance for the purpose of their business.
  15.   Misleading claims or statements should be avoided by both employees and members at all times.
  16.     If members endorse or commercialise a product they must not do so at any point suggesting they are speaking on behalf of DTC
  17.     All members agree to utilise any literature and images supplied by DTC only whilst licensed by the business. All such material should cease to be used if License isn’t continued with DTC.
  18.     Members and Employees must not do anything to disfavour the DTC at anytime.


The DTC may amend this policy at any point. Any amendments to this policy will be communicated to all members and employees.