The ‘M’ Word – Muzzles

Why is the ‘muzzle’ word seen as something bad? Why do we see the muzzle as being a bad object?

A muzzle is a tool! A tool that can be used to keep your dog, other dogs and people safe (depending on why the dog is wearing it)

If your dog is muzzled when out you should feel proud that you are showing yourself to be a responsible dog owner and is not something that you should be ashamed of – no matter the reasoning behind why your dog is wearing one in the first place.

A dog could be wearing a muzzle for many reasons, such as:

  • Likes to eat random objects which could be dangerous
  • Is nervous
  • May guard over certain resources
  • Eats poop (yep, it happens)
  • May be nervous
  • Unsure of people
  • Not good with dogs
  • In training
  • Simply learning and practising that wearing a muzzle is on.

To members of the public, just because a dog is wearing a muzzle it does not make that dog a demon! So often these dogs are actually ok with people, the issue lies somewhere else.

Did you know it would make someone’s day if you asked a muzzled dogs owner if you could pet them? (As always-always ask first) instead of crossing the road to avoid passing the dog on the same side of this street.

Some dogs are simply wearing one to stop them from eating anything and everything on their travels.

Owners of a muzzled dog are not bad people! They are responsible and have taken their role as an owner very seriously.

If you are looking for advise or muzzle training help, contact your local DTC Approved Dog Trainer at