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Introducing the Children & Dogs Specialist Program, a brand new certification presented by the expert Debbie Lucken.

Covering 12 comprehensive modules, this program equips you with the knowledge and skills to confidently and competently work with children and dogs. Graduates of this program will be prepared to create safe, engaging, and therapeutic environments for children and dogs, making a positive impact on both their lives.

Here's the Details:

Title: Children & Dogs Specialist Program (level 3)

Teacher: Debbie Lucken (Founder of KAD)

Duration: 4 - 6 weeks (flexible - study at your own pace)

Tuition Fee: £499

Access: Lifetime Access + free updates

Curriculum: This program consists of 12 core modules + 1 final assessment.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Families with Children Adopt Dogs 
  3. What Makes a Suitable Family Dog?
  4. Breeders vs Rescues 
  5. Practical Issues with Children & Dogs
  6. Pregnancy, Adoption and the First Few Days of Having a Newborn Baby
  7. Children's Developmental Stages 
  8. Creating Suitable Environments 
  9. Dog Body Language
  10. Training a Family Dog 
  11. Helping Children with a Fear of Dogs
  12. Helping Children with the Loss of a Dog
Accreditation: This program is CPD Accredited. You will receive a printed verified certificate and digital badge upon completion.

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