Introduction To Clicker Training

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In this online Crash Course Ruby Welsford will be discussing Clicker Training. Clicker Training is a fantastic tool to use in Dog Training to teach your dog new behaviours! You can Clicker Train at any age so this Crash Course is definitely for you!

Meet the Instructor:

Ruby Welsford is a founder of the UK Disc Dog Association and runs workshops and demonstrations nationwide. Ruby’s dog Betsy Boo the Amazing Frisbee Dog is also her owner-trained assistance dog

Ruby is incredibly passionate about her work and promoting change across the industry...

Course Curriculum:

  1. What is Clicker Training?
  2. Charging The Clicker
  3. Frustration Tolerance
  4. Free Shaping
  5. Shaping and Luring
  6. Capturing
  7. Reward Placement
  8. How to Reward
  9. Fading Out The Reward


To pass this Crash Course and earn a certificate you will need to get at least 80% on the end of course quiz.

How to access the Crash Course:

You'll study on our state of the art learning portal. Once you buy the course a member of the team will send you the login details. This is usually within 24 hours. You get lifetime access to this course

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