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Join leading scent expert Jamie Pound as he takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of canine scent. 


This Program is designed for owners and professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding in to the fascinating world of canine scent. 

Program Overview

This Scentwork Specialist Program will equip you with the necessary skills to be able to confidently and competently teach your own dog or your clients dogs the power of Scentwork. 


In order to pass this Specialist Program, you will need to complete all the lessons, tasks and pass the Final Assessment. Upon successful completion, you will be recognised as a DTC Scentwork Specialist and will receive a printed certificate in the post. You will also be able to use a digital Scentwork Specialist digital badge. 


This Specialist Program comprises of 6 modules + 1 Final Assessment.

Module One - Introduction

1. Introduction (0:57)

2. What is Scentwork (5:49)

Module Two - The Dog's Nose 

3. The Dog's Nose (5:19)

4. Facts about the Nose (2:33)

5. What Dogs Can Do Scentwork? (1:42)

Module Three - Why Should ALL Dogs Sniff?

6. Why Should All Dogs Sniff? (2:01)

7. Why Scentwork is Important for ALL Dogs (4:19)

8. Lively Adolescents (3:00)

9. Elderly Dogs (1:33)

10. Rescue Dogs (6:33)

11. Reactive Dogs (4:59)

Module Four - Theory

12. Reactivity & Scent (4:40)

13. Puppy Biting (3:41)

14. Jumping Up At People (3:42)

15. Recall (5:18)

16. Fear & Anxiety (4:04)

Module Five - Practical Application: 1:1 Scent Exercises  

17. High Intensity Searches (3:03)

18. Ham Tracking (1:45)

19. Hide & Seek (1:42)

20. Toy Search (2:05)

21. Tucker Tracks (2:25) 

22. Sniffari (1:11)

23. Scatter Feeding (0:38)

Module Six - Practical Application: Scent Exercises for Classes

24. Line Up Search (1:27)

25. Environmental Search (1:02)

26. Vehicle Search (0:36)

27. Hidden Recall (0:43)

28. Search Retrieve (2:56)

29. Summary (1:19)



PLEASE NOTE: This Specialist Program is included within the Inner Circle membership & 2022 Unlimited Pass. 

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