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This course is designed for those wanting to become a DTC Assessor. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 


What is an assessor?

Assessors play a critical role in evaluating the skills, knowledge, and performance of individuals in various contexts, such as education and professional certifications whilst adhering to rules and principles that are set out to you by DTC.

The role of the assessor is a new initiative that we are bringing to DTC.

There will be ongoing training and monthly meetings that assessors must attend to keep themselves up to date with the assessment process as it evolves whilst ensuring we have communication between assessor and DTC.

With each update to the assessor role, there will be training and or skills updates which will go through skills, templates and everything you need to know.

This is a new initiative that is going to evolve over time. We are not 100% sure how it will look exactly, but we are fully committed to this and know that it will play a huge part in DTC's future going forward.

We are committed to improving and raising standards, not only within the industry, but within DTC too.

How do I become an Assessor? 

Firstly you must be a member of DTC or willing to become a member. This is so that we can offer ongoing support and training to you. You must also be either a DTC-approved or Certified Dog Trainer to be a DTC Assessor. 

You would then need to attend our 1 day assessor course.

What’s the cost of becoming a DTC Assessor?

The cost to be a DTC Assessor is currently £399. However, this will increase as we build a network of Assessors. We charge a fee so that we only attract those who are serious about becoming an assessor and to cover the costs involved in training new assessors. 

We expect Assessors to make a return on their investment very quickly.

What will an Assessor do?

Assessors will be responsible for carrying out assessments on behalf of DTC. This may include vetting Approved Dog Trainer applicants, carrying out skills assessments on students, assessing dogs and much more as time goes on. 

The role has a lot of opportunities for it to grow and we’re excited for the impact this will have on improving standards within our industry. 

How much will I get paid?

The fees per assessment can change depending on the role and type of assessment that is up.

We work to a minimum rate of £50 per hour.

We cannot guarantee the amount of work which assessors will get, but going forward, assessments and assessors are going to form a big part of DTC’s Future.

We can guarantee that assessors will make their money back very quickly.

Why is the course not free?

 We only want people who are committed to being an assessor, where you are also investing in yourself and your skills.

Why do I have to be a member?

Simply so that we can provide you with ongoing support & training.  

Do I have to be a member?

Yes - non-negotiable

Lifetime member - yes

Unlimited Pass - when your unlimited pass runs out you will need to become a member

If you cancel your membership, you will no longer be an assessor for DTC.

If you want to be an assessor in the future again, you will need to reapply to be an assessor, pay the fee and go through the training that is given.

Can I pause my membership?

You can pause DTC membership payments for a maximum of 3 months. Whilst your membership is paused, you will not be able to undertake any assessments until your membership is back up and running. We know that sometimes life happens.

Is this a recognised qualification that we can use outside of DTC?

No, this is bespoke to the role of a DTC Assessor. However as with ALL of our courses it is of course CPD accredited. 

Do I have to attend in person

No - it is available to attend virtually

Do I have to retake the assessor course each year?

As long as you are a member, no, we will provide training and ongoing support. Unless, you were to cancel your membership, which would then also cancel your assessor status.

What experience do I need?

Have to be an approved/certified dog trainer. We will provide you with the relevant training and framework to take on and complete assessments.

Do we pass or fail the person or dog we’re assessing?

You are there to provide an impartial assessment. You are not there to pass judgement or pass or fail applicants. This is strictly the role of the College.

Can Assessments be done remotely?

Yes, but this will be job-specific and we will specify on the assessor job whether that can be done remotely or in person.

How long does an assessment take to carry out?

This will vary depending on the type of assessment that you are being asked to undertake.

An Approved dog trainer assessment for example would take up to 3 hours whereas a skills assessment may only take 1 hour.

As you gain more experience carrying out assessments, you will become more efficient with your assessment process.

Will I be employed by DTC?

No, you will be a subcontractor of the college and you will invoice the college after the completion of each assessment that you undertake.

Will I be paid mileage for in-person assessments?

No, we will factor travelling expenses into the fee offered for each job. 

What if I have other questions? 

We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Just drop us an email to

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