Caring For Your Elderly Dog

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In this online Crash Course Louise Wilkes will be discussing Caring for Your Elderly Dog.

This course will be diving into Caring for Elderly Dogs. We will be looking at how life changes for our dogs as they get older and how to support them. We will be covering arthritis, exercise, how to keep the brain busy, indicators of pain, useful equipment and useful ways to prevent problems and ways to support them as they get older.

Meet the Instructor:

Louise Wilkes owns Hands 4 Hounds. Louise is a Canine Remedial Massage Therapist who provides remedial massages to dogs who are experiencing lameness or stiness as a result of age, accidents or conditions such as arthritis or spinal problems.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Elderly Dogs (7m 11s)
  2. The A, B & C's (10m 51s)
  3. Exercising Your Elderly Dog (10m 11s)
  4. Enrichment & Brain Games (3m 4s)
  5. Let's Talk Pain (5m 30s)
  6. Equipment (10m 1s)
  7. Preventing Problems (10m 18s)


To pass this Crash Course and earn a certificate you will need to get at least 80% on the end of course quiz.

How to access the Crash Course:

You'll study on our state of the art learning portal. Once you buy the course a member of the team will send you the login details. This is usually within 24 hours. You get lifetime access to this course.

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