Dictionary of Veterinary Terms: Vet Speak Deciphered for the Non Veterinarian

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Written in a dictionary reference style format, just about every term the vet will ever use is thoroughly explained and easy to understand. Includes appendices identifying commonly used drugs, acronyms and abbreviations, and weight and measurement conversions. A must in the home of every pet owner and breeder! 

What experts are saying about Dictionary of Veterinary Terms:
I recently came across a copy of Dr. Jennifer Coates’ book: Dictionary of Veterinary Terms - Vet-Speak for the Non-Veterinarian. Having over 10 years of combined experience as a CVT/CVPM and part-time instructor in an AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology program, I decided to challenge the book before actually reading it. Over a couple of days I thought about veterinary language that I use on a routine basis, as well as veterinary terms that I use with clients. To my pleasant surprise, I did not come up with a single term or word that was not referenced in this book. 

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