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In this online Crash Course, Debbie Connolly will be exploring Dog Law

Meet the Instructor:

Debbie Connolly acts as an expert witness in Magistrates' and Crown courts for Dangerous Dogs Act cases. Debbie has appeared in many articles, radio shows and even on TV. Drawing on her 30+ years experience working with dogs, Debbie shares what you need to know about Dog Law.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Introduction (47s)
  2. The Basics (15m 50s)
  3. Dog on Dog (20m 38s)
  4. Police Options (19m 4s)
  5. Who Can Be Prosecuted? (15m 27s)
  6. Seizure of Dogs (18m 45s)
  7. Investigation of Bite Allegations (14m 47s)
  8. Investigation of Prohibited Breeds (27m 29s)
  9. Defending Charges & Complaints (14m 49s)
  10. Common Myths of Defence (14m 29s)
  11. Important Defences Used (9m 52s)
  12. Good Practice (6m 29s)
  13. Owners & Professionals (7m 38s)
  14. Summary (33s)


To pass this Crash Course and earn a certificate you will need to get at least 80% on the end of course quiz.

How to access the Crash Course:

You'll study on our state of the art learning portal. Once you buy the course a member of the team will send you the login details. This is usually within 24 hours. You get lifetime access to this course.

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