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A best seller for 60 years, and a Dorwest herbs ‘staple’ product, full of natural active compounds to support general health.

Garlic provides soothing and cleansing effects, as well as helping to maintain the body's defences against parasites and infectious agents. While fenugreek contains soothing and antioxidant compounds to neutralise free radicals. T

he effects of Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets are seen across the body, including the skin, joints and immune system to keep your pet in top condition at every life-stage.

Qty: 100 tablets

Black aged garlic and fenugreek are both packed full of powerful health-promoting compounds to help naturally support your pet in a variety of ways:

  • General health - high in antioxidants, to neutralise free radicals, helping to maintain general cell health, as well as compounds that are proven to help the body remain strong against disease, parasites and infectious agents such as bacteria
  • Immunity - help to stimulate and develop a strong immune system
  • Skin - high in antioxidants, which are calming and help to maintain skin health, as well as compounds that assist the skin`s natural defences against infections and parasites
  • Joints - helps to maintain comfort and mobility

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