KONG Travel Fold-Up Dog Bowl

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KONG Travel Fold-Up Dog Bowl eliminates the need to carry a bulky bowl or bottle, as the foldable bowl is easily collapsible and can be tucked away in a pocket or bag, making it an excellent accessory for travelling. Additionally, it is easy to use and clean and can be filled with water or food for your pup wherever you go. The Kong Fold-Up Bowl is lightweight and collapsible. This means it can be easily folded up and stored in a small space, such as a pocket or backpack.

A collapsible dog water bowl can also be quickly expanded into a full-size bowl when needed. It is designed with a bowl-like shape and comes with a carabiner clip to securely attach it to your bag. This makes it ideal for carrying and transporting feed and water for animals, or other food and beverages. Its 2-litre capacity makes it ideal for larger dogs. The fabric exterior is breathable, meaning that any condensation won"t be trapped.

The waterproof lining ensures that any water or other liquid inside will be contained and won"t leak out. The snap hook allows pet owners to quickly and easily access the bowl for food or water when out on walks, hikes, or other adventures with their furry friends. This portable dog water bowl is washable. Regular washing prevents germs and bacteria from spreading, which makes it easier to keep the bowl clean and hygienic. The 30-degree setting ensures that the bowl"s fabric and plastic components don"t get damaged in washing.

Product Benefits
  • It is lightweight, easy to carry and holds a 2-litre capacity
  • Make feeding your dog easy during the time of travelling
  • Comes with a carabiner clip and is easy to wash

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