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Leucillin the most powerful, non-toxic, non-irritant antiseptic available and is your pets’ answer to keeping their skin clean, clear and healthy.  Leucillin is specially formulated for the health and skincare of your animal and has proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal technology. From a horse to a hamster, Leucillin instantly relieves sores, itching and redness associated with infection, promotes rapid recovery, re-growth of lost hair or fur and restores good skin condition; it’s fast, safe and incredibly effective.

Leucillin is a revolutionary antiseptic product tackling many of the common problems pet owners face with its ability to kill germs that can cause; irritation, dry, itchy, flaky or smelly skin. 

In an easy to use solution, Leucillin tackles your pets skin health from the outside in, it is soothing and calming to; itchy skin, sore paws, cuts and grazes, weepy eyes and irritated ears whilst being 100% safe on all skin types.

Leucillin can be used to as a cleaning aid to remove unwanted smells from your pets coat and as a wound wash for minor cuts and abrasions. It is also an essential part of the first aid kit. It can also be used after tick removal to clean the area.

Leucillin has a wide and varied range of uses and capabilities within all areas of animal healthcare and is suitable for all mammals, birds and reptiles; from Cats to Cayman, Dogs to Degus, Hamsters to Horses.

How to use Leucillin: Leucillin is skin pH neutral, non-toxic, and will not sting; it is 100% safe to use in any application including eyes, ears and sensitive skin.

For optimum strength of solution spray twice to clear nozzle, then apply liberally directly to infected area or saturate cotton wool and apply to more sensitive areas such as eyes.

Summary of Benefits

  • Effective on all mammalian animals
  • Works by mirroring the body’s immune system
  • Contains NO steroids, antibiotics or alcohols
  • Reduces recovery time by up to 60%
  • Maintains healthy itch-free skin 
  • Non-toxic, skin pH neutral, 100% safe
  • Does not sting or irritate
  • Does not harm healthy tissue
  • Does not require rinsing It kills germs instantly by destroying the bacteria on contact. No surviving bacteria means no resistance to skin recovery, demonstrating rapidly reduced recovery time.
  • Can be safely be used on a pregnant bitch and also on the puppies from birth. Leucillin as a safe sanitiser for germ free pens and bedding for puppies or cleaning bowls and toys.

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