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A natural way of tackling Stress and Anxiety with your pets. Pet Remedy works alongside the brain's natural messengers (called neuro-transmitters) which work by telling the nerve receiving the message to calm. This is why Pet Remedy starts to help instantly. Pet Remedy is a unique and patented blend of absolute and essential oils derived from valerian, vetiver, basil, and clary sage. Clinically proven to help calm and develop emotional wellbeing. Working with the pet's own natural calming mechanisms, Pet Remedy's low concentration of oils is very gentle in its effect and starts to help immediately. The unique mode of action through the olfactory system helps an anxious pet become more aware of their surroundings and less reactive to stressful situations.

Pet Remedy plug diffuser delivers a constant, slow release of gentle calming properties into the home, the de-stressing scents will start to calm your pet immediately. Suitable for all pets, the fast-acting formula starts to help immediately and lasts up to 60 days. Refill bottles are available separately.


  • Natural - A natural blend of Valerian, Vetiver, Basil, and Clary Sage essential oils
  • Clinically proven - Used and recommended by vets and other pet professionals
  • Helps ALL pets - Suitable for all mammals, birds, and reptiles
  • Fast acting - Starts to help immediately
  • Helps calm without sedating - Mimics your pets own natural calming mechanisms and is very gentle in its effect
  • Helps develop emotional resilience and wellbeing - Helps pets become more aware of their surroundings and less reactive to stressful situations


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