Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: What Interviewing Some Of The Greatest Animal Trainers Has Taught Me

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Over the last year and a half, I have been Co-Host of the Barks from the Bookshelf podcast. This has led to me being lucky enough to get to speak to trainers and peers I admire and has, of course, led me to develop my ideas and thoughts about how to both train my own dogs and run our training classes. I have frequently been on the receiving end of lightbulb moments and performed 180 degree turns in both outlook and knowledge and I wanted to share those key moments with you. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” This is a famous quote from Isaac Newton. It talks of one of the fundamental principles of science and that is the understanding of how knowledge builds upon itself, incrementally improving upon existing ideas until it all eventually adds up to the revolutionary. I thought this was an apt title as we all end up standing on the shoulders of giants.

Speaker: Steve Goodall

Speaker Bio Steve Goodall has been a professional dog trainer in Hampshire for 13 years. Steve is a full member of the APDT UK(Association Of Pet Dog Trainers), a registered member of the ATBC (Animal Behaviour & Training Council), and a full member of the PPG (Pet Professional Guild)

Steve has recently published his first book, Jack and Billy Puppy Tales, which is aimed at families. It's a fabulous storybook following the journey of two puppies during the first year of their lives with an all-important message. Co-written with Sally Bradbury who mentored Steve at the beginning of his dog training career. Steve also illustrated Jack and Billy Puppy Tales and the book has been brilliantly received and reviewed by some of the most respected and leading professionals in the industry.

Steve co-hosts Barks from the Bookshelf with friend and local behaviorist Natalie Light. They talk with authors that have made a real difference to our industry and discuss the best ways to bring up a dog in our human world.

Steve also co-hosts The Barking Mad Show (currently on a break) This podcast is aimed to help people and their dogs. Steve, along with Jordan Shelly and Gavin Muldoon effortlessly talk the most commonly asked dog training questions as well as having interviews with the top Behaviourists, Vets, and Trainers in the field.

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