Yakers Dog Chew & Occupier Small

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YAKERS are 100% Natural Dog Chews made with Himalayan Yak Milk! Tasty! 

The hard consistency of YAKERS chews ensures that dogs have to put in some effort to soften and break them apart, resulting in a longer chewing experience and helping reduce plaque and tartar. Each chew is also rich in calcium and protein thanks to the natural properties of yak milk. For an added twist, simply pop the small end pieces in the microwave for 30 - 60 seconds until they puff up. After allowing them to cool, hand them back to your dog to savour and finish the whole treat.


  • 100% Natural - No nasties in their system, and suits dogs who enjoy all diets. 
  • Rich in protein and calcium - Building strong bones from 4 months. 
  • Helps reduce plaque and tartar - To keep their teeth in great shape!
  • Extra long-lasting - To keep dogs occupied for longer- and pennies go further.
  • Preservative and gluten-free - Ideal for dogs who have sensitivities.
  • Low in fat - Complementing their regular diet, without adding too many extra calories. Great for overweight dogs who still deserve a treat.

  • Not Suitable for dogs below 4 months old


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