Dog Training College Becomes An Accredited Living Wage Employer

On 6th August 2018 the Dog Training College gained accreditation as a Living Wage Employer.

This means that everyone working at the DTC will earn at least £9 per hour however the DTC in fact, currently operates a minimum of £11/ hour rate up from 2018’s rate of £10/ hour.

The living wage is a voluntary benchmark for employers who want to ensure their staff earn a wage they can live on. It is the rate calculated on the cost of living and is 79p higher than the highest level of the UK Government’s national living wage of £8.21.

Leanne McWade, Head of Training at Dog Training College, said:

“I believe that just because you can pay people less, it doesn’t mean you should. Our team work hard and deserve to be paid a fair wage”

Roxanne Gray, Customer Relations Manager added:

“We are proud to say that we have now been officially accredited by the Living Wage Foundation for this effort”

She added,

“It’s their way of showing that they want you to thrive and not just survive”

The living wage movement has given a pay rise to more than 160,000 people since it started in 2011