Sophia Taylor Celebrates her 20th year as a Dog Trainer!

A huge congratulations to our very own Approved Instructor Sophia Taylor who celebrated her 20th year in business earlier this year.

Sophia is the owner of Suffolk based dog training school, ‘On the Scent’ which offers dogs of all ages and breeds fun based training from puppy classes to parkour.

Sophia’s classes are all based outside and Sophia teaches key concepts through play. Sophia believes that building a strong relationship with your dog is FUNdamental to successful training. She believes that the dog has to trust and want to be around you and then everything else will follow.

Sophia’s dog training journey started the way many of ours do, she began helping friends and family member’s dogs for free and soon began volunteering at a local club whilst shadowing an experienced trainer who she is still in touch with today. Soon she was able to start charging for her services and things progressed from there.

Today Sophia’s business is thriving and she has made appearances on BBC Radio Suffolk and even been offered a television gig that she turned down.

The Dog Training College is proud to have Sophia as part of our network of experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable instructors and we wish Sophia all the best going forward.

What an achievement!

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