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Program Overview

This Reactivity Specialist Program will equip you with the necessary skills to be able to confidently and competently work with reactive dogs and their owners. 


In order to pass this Specialist Program, you will need to complete all the lessons, weekly tasks and pass the Final Assessment. Upon successful completion, you will be recognised as a DTC Reactivity Specialist and will receive a printed certificate in the post. 


This Specialist Program comprises of 6 modules + 1 Final Assessment.

1. Foundations 

In this module you will explore; how to take a history, how to manage owner expectations, when to say NO, making and receiving referrals, setting your prices measuring success, the importance of consultations and much more. This module is all about setting the foundations of taking on reactivity cases. 

2. Understanding Reactivity

The second module deep dives into the elements of reactivity and will give you a thorough understanding of what reactivity actually is and crucially what reactivity isn't. You'll discover the common mistakes most people make when it comes to reactivity as well as gain an understanding of why what you do is so important when working with reactive dogs.

3. Overcoming Reactivity

Module 3 is all about working with reactivity and helping owners manage and overcome their dog's reactivity. We'll explore the strategies you need to help owners get long-lasting results and avoid reactivity in the future. 

4. Reactivity ToolKit 

This module supplies you with the exercises, games and setups you'll use when overcoming reactivity. Module 4 is how to implement module 3. It's the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of working with reactivity. 

5. Reactivity Case Studies  

In module 5 you will explore real-life case studies of previous reactivity cases. You'll explore what worked, what didn't and the different strategies that were used. Here you'll explore reactivity across different breeds and life stages of dogs. 

6. Getting & Keeping Clients

The final module is about getting the most from being a DTC Certified Reactivity Specialist. In this module, you'll discover how to get clients and importantly how to keep clients. 


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